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The Foundation for Breast Cancer Care Limited (ABN 92164729506) was established to work towards equity in the area of care in Breast Cancer and other breast diseases. Our mandate is working to ensure quality assurance, education and research is maintained in the arena of breast cancer care.
Working with partners and key stakeholders in medicine, we seek to support community based projects, research, professional development and quality assurance procedures. 

The foundation has been created to support both women and men affected by breast disease and as we strive to close the gap in Breast Cancer Care.

We hold DGR status and are registered with the ACNC.

Join us at the Foundation and make a significant difference in the lives of those affected by Breast Cancer.


The Foundation for Breast cancer Care focuses on raising community awareness and promotes the prevention and control of breast cancer.


The primary objectives of the foundation are to:

  1. Raise community awareness and promote the prevention and control of breast cancer.
  2. Limit the impact and spread of breast cancer.
  3. Alleviate suffering and distress associated with breast cancer.
  4. Prevent and control breast cancer by raising funds for, and facilitating the delivery of medical research, education and training.
  5. Innovations in breast cancer treatment, by promoting excellence in breast surgery and reconstructive surgery and control of the severity of breast cancer by promoting and facilitating surgical improvements.
  6. Develop strategies and programs for implementing breast cancer education, training, research, development, management and prevention.
  7. Support breast surgeons in meeting their responsibilities to patients and the community through the care and treatment of breast cancer.
  8. Offer support to disadvantaged areas to ensure that disadvantaged or ethnic individuals suffering from breast cancer and have proper access to high quality treatment, the provision of training and the delivery of specialist care.
  9. Promote and facilitate meetings to discuss medical issues associated with breast cancer and breast disease.
  10. Endeavor to limit and control the spread of breast cancer and facilitate the verification of high standards of breast surgery practice and treatment of breast cancer.
  11. Promote the prevention or control of breast cancer and in the sharing of information with other breast and surgical societies and associations and other medical colleges in both Australia and New Zealand.