The Pink Cutting-Cutting 4 Cancer

On Saturday 21st Sept 2019 a fundraiser will be held @ Tatura Park, Tatura, Victoria. Money raised will go towards closing the gap on breast cancer care. More details to come.

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Classic Ladies Foundation Fundraiser

> The Classic Ladies Foundation has chosen the FFBCC as their 2019 charity. But tickets online and help close the gap in breast cancer care

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Raising awareness, building trust and improving outcomes for Aboriginal women;stage 1

The Foundation and The Poche Centre for Indigenous Health will partner with one Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Service (ACCHSs) to develop a map of the healthcare pathways for breast cancer screening,diagnosis,treatment and long term care. This map would be designed such that it could be adapted to other settings and [...]

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GO PINK DAY – Medtronic Hosts event for FFBCC

A fabulous day was hosted by the team at Medtronic Sydney in October. GO PINK DAY saw the offices of Medtronic turn PINK to raise awareness regarding Breast Cancer. Medtronic, a long supporter of the beast cancer care arena, provided a creative PINK morning tea for their staff. Special guest [...]

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Report of the Launch of the novel ‘DUSTY PINK’ by author Louise Kim 

Isolation is a concept very familiar to Louise Kim, author of Dusty Pink. Louise, known to her friends as Lee, grew up experiencing remote and isolated properties in South Africa. In her adult life in Australia she has travelled extensively across the length and breadth of outback Australia. When Dusty [...]

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Fabulous Foundation Fundraiser in Adelaide

Mr Viet in James Place Adelaide hosted a fabulous cocktail function on Wednesday, 31 May to raise funds for the Foundation for Breast Cancer Care. Guests were treated to special Vietnamese traditional recipes not available on the regular menu. The proprietors Viet and Lee welcomed guests and excelled in the delicious food prepared which was [...]

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Melbourne 40th Birthday Bash Raises Funds for the FFBCC

It was a great pleasure to host my 40th birthday party on May 20th, 2017. Having been diagnosed and treated for early stage breast cancer in 2015, I decided that in lieu of birthday gifts I would ask guests to donate to the Foundation for Breast Cancer Care. Not only did this result in [...]

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Art Auction at the Karlangu Aboriginal Art Centre

On November 25th the Foundation hosted an Art Auction at the Karlangu Aboriginal Art Centre, http://www.karlangu.com.  The Karlangu Art Gallery is owned by the family of BreastSurgANZ Post Fellowship Trainee, Dr Fred Azimi. All who attended indicated the event was a spectacular success. The Ambassadors for the Foundation were prominent, with both Miss Heather [...]

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