Better outcomes for marginalised women

>Better outcomes for marginalised women

Breast Screening is available to all, however research shows that it is often primarily used by the “worried, wealthy and the well educated”. We need to rectify this by making screening more inclusive.

Access blocks in health are everywhere including geographical, ethnic, linguistic and cultural.

Foundation for Breast Cancer Care aims to ensure effective screening and treatment available to all, by identifying the blockages in the system, and trying to coordinate remedies.

Screening for breast cancer only works if the patient can access it. Obviously this is difficult if the  screening facility is not regularly available and you are unable to read the notices regarding its arrival.

Language and culture are potential barriers to the uptake of this proven health measure. At the very least, transport to the screening facility should be ensured.

Access to multidisciplinary breast cancer management is also a problem for this large decentralised nation. The big decisions in treatment including to have mastectomy, to have radiation treatment, to have chemotherapy, hormonal therapy or to have whole body scans are all made by teams of people. These teams include surgeons, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, breast care nurses, researchers and patients.

Our Goal:

Our goal is to identify geographic access blocks to screening and Multidisciplinary management and fund solutions based on existing local health services and telehealth.

For futher information:

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