Surgery to preserve body shape

>Surgery to preserve body shape

Mastectomy or removal of the breast is a serious step made after much consultation between a suregon and their patient. It is a ‘life before limb’ decision.

Techniques are emerging to make this operation history.

The range of procedures to safely preserve the breast is increasing, as is the ability to immediately reconstruct the breast. This is an exciting area of surgery the Foundation for Breast Cancer Care wish to promote.

We believe that all breast cancer patients should have these techniques available to them.

Oncoplastic surgery is a technical advance of the last decade to increase the number of breast conservation procedures for patients who would otherwise have been forced to have mastectomy. In some places, the mastectomy rate is < 10% for breast cancer.

Immediate breast reconstruction has been available for some time in Australia, however it is performed in only one quarter of cases eligible. Both of these techniques can be carried out by the treating surgeon in the local hospital. Using both of these techniques, patients may avoid having to live without a breast, or the need to travel to a major centre to have reconstructions performed.

Our goal:

Our Goal is to provide the training opportunities for all breast cancer surgeons to learn oncoplastic surgery and immediate breast reconstruction.

For futher information:

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