Ross O’Shea

>Ross O’Shea

Ross had a 37-year career in the NSW Public Service. He finished his public sector career as a member of the Senior Executive Service. All his career was spent working in regional and remote NSW.

Ross has been a member of many governance Boards including Regional Development Boards, Catchment Management Authorities and Committees, and Regional Tourism Boards.

On several occasions the NSW Government has appointed Ross to the role of Recovery Coordinator, to support and assist communities recovering from the impacts of natural disasters

Ross was awarded the Public Service Medal in the 2014 Australian Honours list for his outstanding service to the people and communities of western NSW.

Ross has extensive knowledge of the communities, issues and opportunities within regional/remote Australia. He is acknowledged for endeavouring to create a respectful and sustainable social, economic and cultural future for those communities. He has a strong commitment to valuing and respecting the knowledge and understanding of local people when identifying and resolving local issues and supporting the future of their communities and an advocate for the incorporating the wisdom of community into decision making.

He is a promoter and leader of initiatives to “close the gap” for Indigenous Australians and a strong advocate for actions which enable cultural understanding to influence positive social, cultural and economic outcomes for Indigenous Australians.
Ross is involved in charities and philanthropic organisations supporting better social and cultural outcomes for people and communities especially those in rural, regional and remote Australia.

He is now the Principal Consultant to Mundi Consulting Services Pty Ltd.

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