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Our Sponsors

Melbourne Private Dinner at Lobek Motors 2016

With thanks to our hosts and major sponsor


Karlangu Art Auction 2016

With thanks to our hosts and major sponsor


Thanks to Gold sponsors

Location Property group http://www.locationpg.com.au,

Silver Sponsors

Bongiorno’s http://www.bongiorno.com.au  and DOMO https://www.domo.com.

Partnership provides vital funds for research, projects and programmes, however support for the Foundation for Breast Cancer Care is available in many other ways such as payroll giving, gifts in kind, skilled volunteering and more to concentrate on what we do best, funding the very best breast cancer research in Australia.
There are many ways companies and individual supports can support the Foundation.
Please email us at [email protected]

Opportunities for Sponsors and partners 

We welcome new sponsors. Sponsorship packages are available, these include event sponsorships.  At the Foundation for Breast Cancer Care we have a number of national and regional events that companies can sponsor. Event sponsorship packages with different levels of brand and marketing opportunities are available. You can achieve some of the following benefits by sponsoring a FFBCC event:

Direct access to your consumer market, brand differentiation by aligning with a reputable cause, heightened visibility due to positive publicity, access to business, government entities and customers, enhance public profile

If you are interested in sponsorship opportunities, please contact us at [email protected]

 Gifts in Kind

Companies can donate the goods and services to the foundation, in this way you are actively supporting our goal to close the gap in breast cancer care. We could benefit from donations in kind of: business and stationary supplies, marketing and communications resources, medical resources relevant to our projects, top tier auditing services;

Pro Bono Support

By using your skills and knowledge to benefit the Foundation for Breast Cancer Care you are helping the Foundation close the gap in breast cancer care. We currently need pro bono support in the following areas: copywriting, graphic Design, office and administration support, preparation of annual report, auditing;


Leaving a bequest to the foundation is a simple and straightforward way to continue your support and leave a lasting legacy. Please seek legal advice before leaving a bequest to the Foundation for Breast Cancer Care.

There are several ways to donate to the foundation the most common are:- A percentage or whole estate, a specific sum: for example the residue after your loved ones have been taken care of.

Other types of bequest include: gifts such as shares, paintings, a life-insurance policy or property can also be left to the Foundation for Breast Cancer Care

To donate to the FFBCC please email us:  [email protected]