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Since 2014 the Foundation for Breast Cancer Care has been supporting high quality, decentralised breast cancer management throughout Australia.

We have a particular focus on rural and remote Australia, and women at risk in both urban and rural and regional Australia.

Our causes include service to women at risk as stated, including Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australian groups, preserving body form, in the form of promoting breast reconstructions and Oncoplastic surgery, world’s best practice, in the form of continuous compulsory audit by each practising Surgeon, and neoadjuvant chemotherapy, in an effort to preserve body shape and increased survival of breast cancer.

To this end, we have been involved in a number of projects. These have included bench research, looking at tumour biology in the setting of neoadjuvant chemotherapy. Our other projects have included outreach programs to Indigenous communities through the support of community health workers. Both of these projects have been performed in partnership with various universities, notably the University of Melbourne and Sydney University.

We see our role as to promote high quality, low variability health care, which is distributed equally throughout Australia with equal outcomes, regardless of postcode.

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